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Carson Kids Outdoor AdventurePack

The Kids Outdoor AdventurePack by Carson is everything for the little explorer who likes to go outside. Equipped with lightweight accessories such as binoculars, flashlight, whistle, compass and carrying bag, this junior set offers everything you need for a fun afternoon outdoors.

The binoculars have two large lenses (30mm) so you can see a lot of the surroundings. You can also fold the binoculars so you can put them right in front of your eyes. To be able to see images far and near in focus, you can use the focus button at the top. The binoculars have rubber eyepieces, which connect gently and comfortably to the eye.

Also included in this set is a whistle with a temperature gauge. This is very handy to let you know where you are. And if you want to know how hot (or cold) it actually is, you can see it directly on the side of the whistle.

With the compass you can see for yourself where you are or in which direction you have to walk. On the lens of the compass is a small reimbursement slide to read the numbers correctly. There is also a separate magnifying glass attached to the compass. You can fold it out so that you can take a good look at small animals, for example. There is also a striking running line on it, so you can walk in the right direction at dusk or in bad weather. And if it gets too dark, just use the flashlight. With two AA batteries (not included) you'll always have light with you.

You can conveniently carry the binoculars in the carrying case. And you can attach them to your belt or hold them in your hand with the wrist strap. If your binoculars are a little dirty, clean them quickly with the cleaning cloth.

Usage Carson HU-401

Whether you go for a walk in the woods, go to the zoo, go canoeing or just want to play outside: this set offers hours of fun. The accessories are dark green/black so you are well camouflaged in nature! They are very lightweight and equipped with for example carrying cords, so easy to take along on the road. The Kids Outdoor AdventurePack is a fun give-away for the littlest adventurers.

Note: the set is universally usable, but due to smaller parts, this set is not recommended for ages up to 3 years.